Using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools serve as valuable resources for gathering information on your chosen topic. To maximize their effectiveness, consider the following recommendations:

Ask Well-Defined Questions Using AI: Leverage AI capabilities to ask relevant and well-defined questions in various languages, expanding your ability to explore and comprehend your topic thoroughly.
Compare and Assess Sources with AI Assistance: Utilize AI to compare and assess the sources you discover. Seek input from both mentors and subject experts to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the information.
Seek Guidance from Library Staff on AI Integration: Consult library staff for guidance on the reliability of information sources and effective methods of accessing information through AI tools.

While AI tools are powerful, it's crucial to integrate them appropriately within the academic context. Keep the following points in mind:

Supplementary Role in Learning: Treat AI tools as supplementary to your learning process. They should complement the guidance provided by teachers and subject experts, not replace it entirely.
Value Human Interaction: Acknowledge that human interaction remains fundamental to the learning experience. Use AI tools to enhance your understanding, but don't overlook the importance of discussions with teachers and peers.
Cross-Reference Information from AI with Specialized Sources: Always cross-reference information obtained through AI tools with other specialized sources. This ensures a more thorough and reliable understanding of your subject.


  • Emphasize Interpretation and Analysis
    Remember that merely copying and pasting information is insufficient. It's essential to interpret, analyze, and process the gathered information to deepen your understanding.
  • Proper Citation for Direct Quotes
    If you choose to use direct quotes or information obtained through AI tools, proper citation is mandatory. Adhere to citation guidelines to maintain academic integrity.

By combining the power of AI tools with human guidance and critical thinking, you can enhance your research and learning experience while maintaining academic integrity.

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