There are several ways to read e-books:

  • Streaming : online access only, no download possible.
  • ePub download : download an epub file, read it with Adobe Digital Editions to unlock it. You can access it for a given time (8 to 15 days depending on the platform) before it disappears.
  • PDF download: you have access to the PDF of a chapter or of the entire book, you keep the file.

 These different accesses are always indicated on the platforms.



  • EBSCO: English e-books available for streaming and download on management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, etc.
  • ELGAR PUBLISHING: English e-books from "Business" collection (don't forget to check "All accessible content").
  • TAYLOR & FRANCIS: English e-books. Comprehensive coverage of subject areas and sub-disciplines across Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Education.
  • WILEY: English e-books business, economics, computer science, mathematics, health, etc.
FRENCH e-books
  • CAIRN: French e-books available for streaming and more than 500 full-text French journals and magazines on economics, management, sociology, political science, etc.
  • NUMILOG: French e-books on accounting, management, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • OPENEDITION BOOKS: French e-books on open access on humanities and social sciences.


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