Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Introduction to Research Bachelor 1 B1S1 IR
Sales: Effective methods and behaviours Bachelor 1 B1S1 SMB
Financial Accounting Bachelor 1 B1S1FA
Fundamentals of Marketing Bachelor 1 B1S1MA
Modern and Responsible Negotiation Bachelor 2 B2S3 NEG
Financial Analysis Bachelor 2 B2S3 FA
​​Human Resources Management & Corporate Social Responsibility​ Bachelor 2 B2S3 HRM
Supply Chain Management and Purchasing Bachelor 2 B2S3 SCM
Services Marketing Bachelor 2 B2S3 SM
DM: Content Marketing and Storytelling Bachelor 3 B3ASP DM
DM: Digital Marketing Framework and Overview Bachelor 3 B3ASP DM
FLM: Fashion Overview Bachelor 3 B3ASP FLM
FLM: Marketing Strategic Approach Bachelor 3 B3ASP FLM
FLM: World of Luxury Bachelor 3 B3ASP FLM
Finding Stories in Business Master 1 M1S1 ENG
Financial Analysis Master 1 MS1 FA

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