Lürzer's Archive

Lürzer's Archive is a magazine dedicated to showcasing outstanding advertising work from around the world. It serves as a source of inspiration and reference for professionals in the advertising and creative industries.

The magazine features a curated selection of the best print, digital, and TV commercials, along with insightful articles, interviews, and analyses of advertising trends and strategies. It highlights innovative and creative campaigns, providing readers with valuable insights into the latest developments in the field of advertising.

Lürzer's Archive is widely regarded as a premier resource for creative professionals, including advertising agencies, designers, art directors, copywriters, and marketers, seeking inspiration and ideas to create impactful and memorable advertising campaigns.

In the library, you can find paper editions of the issues. The subscription to this magazine began in April 2024. You can access the online archive on a library computer by requesting it at the library counter. Alternatively, you can request specific articles through this form. 



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