Creative Review

Creative Review is a leading magazine that focuses on showcasing and analyzing the best in creativity across a wide range of disciplines, including advertising, design, digital media, illustration, and photography.

The magazine provides in-depth features, interviews, case studies, and analysis of the latest trends and developments in the creative industry. It covers a diverse array of topics, including graphic design, branding, typography, art direction, and emerging technologies.

Creative Review serves as a source of inspiration and knowledge for professionals in the creative field, including designers, marketers, advertisers, artists, and photographers. It celebrates innovative and groundbreaking work while also providing insights into the creative process and the business of creativity.

In the library, you can find paper editions of the issues. The subscription to this magazine began in April 2024. You can access the online archive on a library computer by requesting it at the library counter. Alternatively, you can request specific articles through this form. 



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