What is plagiarism?

Do you want to include an image or reproduce a fragment of a video in your work? Do you know what plagiarism is? Do you know how to avoid it?
The information we offer on copyright will be useful when it comes to writing your academic papers. Each student is informed at the beginning of the year of the risks they run if they use works without quoting their sources. TBS Education has developed a similarity detection software, Compilatio, in order to identify abusive use. Compilatio has a knowledge base based on agreements with publishers, on the homework of clients who use it and on content freely accessible on the Internet. It is therefore a database that is enriched and evolves over time.


An online 10-question situational test on situations in which one might commit plagiarism involuntarily. PLAY

The educational exception is a legal exception that allows educational institutions to copy and distribute copyrighted works for educational purposes without obtaining the author's permission or paying a royalty. However, this exception is limited and only applies for strictly educational purposes and only if the use is reasonable and justified. +INFO

Memorandum of Understanding on the Use and Reproduction of Works for Illustration of Teaching and Research Activities Official Bulletin No. 35 of September 29, 2016
Intellectual Property Code
Last update : January 01, 2021
Download the code as of: Jan 17, 2021

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